Dorian Pavus

Dragon Age

This costume houses a surprising amount of layers from an interior leather chest piece to armor and trimmings. Faux leather and buckles were used to create a more durable look while also using linen to example sophistication.

The snake along the back of the shawl and wrappings is a carefully created applique using various layers to create depth and a wide satin stitch to finish the edges. Details are hand painted for accuracy to design. The band around the edge as well as the scallop above was also carefully hand painted, rather than stitched or having applied trim, to give authenticity and a personal touch.

All pieces of armor were created with the use of Worbla, including the snake's head and lock mechanism on the hip. The books open to be used as secret stashing places perfect for a convention badge or cell phone! They are finished with leather, carefully applied over the surface, stressed, and finished with Worbla and painted for a metal-bound appearance.

Client has provided gloves and staff.