Lightning Farron

Final Fantasy XIV

In a strange turn of events I had just seen this delightful violet chiffon fringe while shopping at the Joann Fabrics for another client when I was contacted to create this piece. The moment we had agreed upon the details I rushed to the store to purchase the fabric as the spring season was coming to an end and already other colors of this style were being marked clearance. Once that was in hand I felt incredibly prepared. Spring was the perfect time to purchase materials for this costume as the pastels and purples were perfectly in sync and on the shelves for me to buy in person.

As with all of my pieces, this costume was drafted by hand to suit the needs of the client and peculiar design tastes of the creators at Square Enix. The bralette is completely adjustable on both sides using pinched toggles that tuck into the material so the client can dress with ease and wear the bodice with as much tightness as desired. Lobster clasps allow further customization up the center back as well as add an eye catching glint of gold to match the buttons at the shoulders. The shoulders themselves were an incredibly fun challenge to draft and then stitch, as each was made individually to provide layers and durability.

The decoration on Lightning's hip is made by hand entirely out of layers of 1/8th crafting foam. I then painted the product and weathered it to color and design. It's incredibly light weight, flexible, and easy to apply to the costume. The lower tier of the skirt is hand painted with various flower stencils. I enjoyed working with such a simple, light material as this poplin. It was easy to applique over the bodice components, took the paint well, and was a delight to sew with. Similarly, the pique used on the bralette was easy to manipulate and had the perfect texture for the design.

Client by BlairCraft Photography.png