All of the following measurements are measurements that travel up and down the body part to get a total length.

  1. Height

  2. Arm Length (Shoulder to elbow to wrist)

  3. Shoulder Width

  4. Upper Arm Length

  5. Forearm Length

  6. Neck to Waist (Front AND Back)

  7. Neck to Hip (Front AND Back)

  8. Waist to Floor

  9. Inseam

  10. Neck Drop (Collar dip to center chest as if measuring a V-Neck shirt)


All of the following measurements, with the exception of #3, are measurements that go around the body part to get a total circumference.

  1. Head

  2. Neck

  3. Shoulder to Shoulder (Joint to Joint)

  4. Bust

    • Overbust

    • Underbust

  5. Waist

  6. Hip

  7. Bicep

  8. Forearm

  9. Wrist

  10. Thigh

  11. Above Knee

  12. Below Knee

  13. Calf

  14. Ankle


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