Here is the need to know information when considering a commission from Adaria Designs Costume Replicas

All clients are required to sign a contract stating they agree and understand my terms as a commissioner before the first payment is made. Clients must also sign their customized payment plan whether they are receiving an installment plan or paying all up front. These contracts protect both your investment and my calendar commitment to your project.


I ask that clients send me a photograph enjoying the costume! You can alternatively tag my Facebook page Adaria Designs Costume Replicas or Instagram at adaria.designs!

Crediting is a must, that's how my business grows.

It makes me so joyful and emotional with everyone photo I receive seeing my hard work enjoyed!

All clients are responsible for the payment of all materials related to your commission as quoted in your personalized "shopping list."

Clients must provide measurements in a timely fashion by the date requested. Please request assistance or information if it is unclear how to take a particular measurement. Accurate measurements are key to the success of a costume fitting!


All clients are responsible for the payment of shipping and handling. Shipping cost includes box, shipping, and insurance. Parcels a shipped via USPS or applicable shipping if International.

All clients are responsible for any customs, pickup, or return fees incurred by your location.

I cannot estimate or avoid these fees.

Payments are only made via Etsy using the custom listing link sent from Adaria Designs Costume Replicas to the client. No other method is accepted at this time.


Clients will only be officially placed on my roster, given a build timeline and completion date upon receipt of first payment and return of signed contract of agreement.

I will not build a costume based on another cosplayer's creative choices. Existing cosplay can be used as supplemental references and inspiration, but may not be the sole basis for work. Artistic approval must be provided for fanart recreation.

Clients will regularly receive updates, images, and confirmation of work once progress is underway. Clients can also watch their costume in progress live on my Twitch channel!

Clients will be asked of their opinion and approval when I have questions during the process to ensure they are receiving the costume they have imagined and desired.

Clients will be notified should progress fall behind schedule.

Based on the emergency causing the delay, a new time frame for completion may be given.