BEST DRESS EVER!!! to the point where guests at thehotel  were asking where I got it from! Thanks so much again! You literally saved our wedding!

Final Fantasy IX - Wedding Gown Garnet

Caitlin was amazing throughout! She always answered my messages within a reasonable time (always within at least the next day or otherwise stated), she worked with my budgeting needs when setting up a payment plan, and when the time for measurements came she sent me a very clear guide to follow and whenever there was a concern she double-checked with me (which is something I sorely wished other sites would’ve done). When everything came in the mail, I cried with seeing it because it was so beautiful! The quality is amazing as well! I put everything on and it fit like a glove (especially relieving since my thighs have their own zip code). I’m so happy to have a nice, high-quality cosplay I can wear at cons!

Black Butler - Joanne Harcourt

From the beginning Caitlin was friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable purchasing a custom made costume. She was professional and responded to my questions quickly. Every step of the way she kept me in the loop. She answered questions about parts of the costume she wasn't even making and gave me great options. I am extremely happy with my Ibuki costume! It fits perfectly! I will be buying costumes from her again. Thank you Caitlin!!!

Mortal Combat - Ibuki

Hey Caitlin! I am emailing to let you know that I received my package Friday and just now opened the package and hung my dress up!! I absolutely love it; it’s everything I’ve imagined and I’m so happy you brought her to life! Thank you for your hard work and I cannot wait to show case her at Katsucon. Maybe I’ll wear her sooner to get some pictures before then. Thank you again!

Beauty & the Beast (Hannah Alexander design) - Belle

Caitlin! I went away for the weekend but your package was waiting for me when I got home! I love how it turned out! I have to make a few adjustments, like shortening the belt and choker, but overall it fits nice and tight!

Sailor Moon - Dark Mercury

I got the jacket two days ago but have been having some fun times w getting pictures - until today! It fits like a dream and it is wonderfully soft. I'm so glad I got it just as colder weather arrived! x3

Overwatch - Snow Owl Ana

Thank you so much again Caitlin, I'm so excited to wear this costume. It feels like a dream, finally being able to cosplay Sora and I got to commission it from someone amazing! :D

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Sora

Ermagherrddddd :D

So my city's Comic-Con was this weekend, and I was finally able to premiere our Hamilton costume. It went over EXTREMELY well! I was amazed at how many times people stopped me for photos, but mostly kids. Like...5-10 year olds haha. I had no idea Hamilton had that kind of reach beyond the older/teen crowd xD

I love this costume so much I'm probably going to be using it for at least the next 5 cons haha.

Hamilton - Alexander Hamilton

Hey Caitlin! I have great news that I’ve finally debuted Xayah at Megacon Orlando last weekend! She was very well-received and I’m over the moon with how well everything turned out!  Again, I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you put into this cosplay! I can’t wait to take it for another spin in July! :D

League of Legends - Xayah

I finally had the opportunity to wear the cosplay for the first time at a convention. I cannot emphasize how reasonably cute I felt. As a tall male, that was definitely a significant accomplishment. There were a few things I can improve on my end (clips and pins for the wig and hat, adhesives for the boot) but overall it was a very functional outfit.

Granblue Fantasy - Djeeta (Warlock)

I'm the commissioner of the NiGHTS cosplay, and it's come out quite beautifully. The entire process for setting up the commission, from acceptable payment plan, to material selection, is very involved. We worked through selecting alternatives when the initial spread wasn't what I was looking for, and all of this goes so far as to include the amount and prices. There's no surprises through the process, and you get exactly what you're looking for.

The active communication helps keep the ideas and goals locked in, and I've commissioned again for some updates and modifications, which included some brainstorming for finalizing designs before construction can begin.

Adaria Designs sports a fairly wide range of creative application and talent, as she does far more than simply work with fabric. Definite recommend.

NiGHTS Journey of Dreams - NiGHTS